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Currently, most of the waste generated at industrial sites and local communities is placed in open dumps, which are unsightly and unhealthy. Moreover, these open dumps pose serious financial, brand, and environmental risk for the responsible companies. In contrast to open dumps,
WMS‘s sanitary operation offers environmental friendly waste management services that are compliant with Thai regulations and international waste management standards. This combination mitigates the risk to your company and the local community.

The benefits of using Waste Management Siam include:

  • State of the art landfill facility. The WMS landfill at the Eastern Seaboard Environmental Complex (ESBEC) utilizes state-of-the-art high density polyethylene (HDPE) and clay liners, leachate and gas treatment systems, and environmental monitoring systems to ensure that the waste and the by-products generated during decomposition are handled properly.
  • State of the-art waste to steam facility. The WMS operation at the Bangpoo Environmental Complex (BPEC) houses a state-of-the-art incinerator built with support from the Japanese and Thai governments. This facility is designed and engineered to create and capture energy from waste while simultaneously protecting the environment of Thailand.
  • Industry Leader in ISO14000. As a leader in the industry, WMS sets the standards for waste management service in Thailand performing daily, weekly and monthly inspections as well as quarterly environment audits in accordance with ISO9001 and ISO14000 standards.
  • Experienced management. WMS only hires the world’s most qualified professionals with extensive experience for its key operations positions including site engineer, operations manager, and leachate treatment operator.
  • Licensed transportation equipment. WMS owns and operates transportation equipment that is properly licensed from the government. This high degree of control lets us provide better customer service including a flexible collection and pickup schedule tailored to meet our customers’ business needs. The equipment is dedicated solely to waste management, specialized, and operated under a fully licensed maintenance program.
  • Closure and post-closure funding & assurance. WMS follows a detailed Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) program. After the landfill space has been filled and properly capped, WMS will maintain and monitor the site for 10 years. We conduct public hearings prior to new site development, and our locations are open to public inspection and educational visits by appointment.
  • Manifest & fully documented disposal. WMS thoroughly documents the waste treatment and disposal process. Moreover, WMS can provide photographs and video clips of this process as evidence that the disposal of your waste complies with local and international regulations.
  • Responsible Neighbor. WMS strives to be a responsible neighbor. For example, WMS offers local citizens a number of employment opportunities and donates a portion of all revenues to the Community Fund, which supports community schools and health care facilities.