Our Services

Waste Collection & Transportation
WMS's transportation fleet is specifically designed to handle your waste and recyclable materials. WMS owns and operates transportation equipment that is properly licensed from the government. This high degree of control lets us provide better customer service including a flexible collection and pickup schedule tailored to meet our customers' business needs. The equipment is dedicated solely to waste management, specialized, and operated under a fully licensed maintenance program.

Recycling & Recovery
At both ESBEC and BPEC, WMS has the appropriate facilities and equipment to handle all of your recycling needs. Our recycling operations are ISO 14000 compliant, so the residue from recycling does not end up in an open dump. WMS also provides waste separation and segregation both on-site and off-site.
We urge the businesses of Thailand to stop delivering materials to roadside recyclers that operate without the appropriate permits and infrastructure.

Secured Landfill Disposal
WMS is one the world's premier environmental companies. From the selection of new facilities to the final capping of existing sites, WMS utilizes the latest landfill management techniques. For example, the landfill site at the Eastern Seaboard Environmental Complex (ESBEC) includes a high density polyethylene (HDPE) and clay liner, a leachate collection and treatment system, a ground and surface water monitoring system, and a gas collection and control system.
WMS contributes to a post-closure fund that will finance the transformation of the ESBEC landfill into a recreation area and open green space. The Fund will also finance 10 years of post-closure maintenance fees ensuring the safety of the local community.

Waste to Steam Facility
WMS also operates a waste to steam facility at the Bangpoo Environmental Complex (BPEC). This facility safely destroys a variety of wastes using an intricate thermal reduction process. The waste to steam process is ideal for customers who have a "no landfill" or "zero landfill" policy, because WMS guarantees that the BPEC facility will destroy all (100%) of your waste. The resulting by-products of this process are pollution-free and easy to handle.

Waste Water Treatment
WMS has a "101 permit" for the ESBEC and BPEC treatment facilities, which allows these sites to accept non-hazardous waste water.

Site Clean-up
Companies who review their waste disposal practices discover a number of hidden costs associated with site clean-ups including equipment and disposal costs. WMS's fast response time, customized services, and quick clean-ups can save your company both time and money while reducing the liabilities associated with contaminated sites.
In addition, WMS can perform specialized cleanup, re-packing, and collection services at your company's site upon request.