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The Eastern Seaboard Environmental Complex or  was the first fully licensed and permitted industrial waste management site in Thailand. ESBEC is operated by WMS and opened in the year 2000.  In 2004, WMS entered into an agreement with the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand or IEAT, to construct one of the most technologically advanced waste disposal projects in Thailand’s history, the Bangpoo Environmental Complex or  . It is located in the Bangpoo Industrial Estate and constructively utilizes factory waste to produce steam using advanced clean air technologies. We are proud that it is the only successful incineration project in Thailand.

                Modern Sanitary Landfill

Waste to Steam Facility

Waste to Steam FacilityÈ


Transfer Station

As part of its expansion program to provide improved national coverage across Thailand, WMS has designed, constructed, and now operates strategically located transfer stations throughout Thailand.

•    Ladkrabang Transfer Station or  is located in the Ladkrabang Industrial Estate on the eastern side of Bangkok, close to the airport.

•    Northern Transfer Station or  is located near the Northern Industrial Estate in Lampoon province, which is close to Chiang Mai

•    Amata Transfer Station or  is located in the Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate in Chonburi Province which is operated in corporation with Amata Facility Services.

•   Songkhla Transfer Station or , is located in the Southern Industrial Estate in Songkhla province, and serves as the depot for southern Thailand. It also provides industrial services to the oil and gas industry.

Non-hazardous, hazardous, and commercial waste is transported from our customers to each transfer station to be managed in an appropriate manner for each type of waste. The waste is then consolidated for transport to or recycling outlets for appropriate final treatment according to the needs and desires of each customer. Additional transfer stations and services are under development to better serve our customers, increase efficiencies, and control costs.