Industrial and Support Services to Industrial, Oil and Gas Sectors

WMS has fully equipped industrial and site service teams, capable of meeting the demands of customers 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, on a variety of site related projects. The current range of site services projects include:

waste management siam Mercury decontamination and waste handling

waste management siam Emergency response for spills or incidents

waste management siam Mercury contamination testing services

waste management siam Contaminated land clean up and restoration

waste management siam Pumping projects for a variety of liquids and sludge using a full range of diaphragm, submersible and vacuum pump units

waste management siam Oil sludge containment, treatment, removal, and processing for alternative fuel and resource recovery

waste management siam Design and construction of lined ponds, pits and sumps for drilling mud containment management, surface water segregation, and oil sludge storage

waste management siam Pumping projects for service exploration drilling activities

waste management siam Drilling mud handling, transportation, treatment and disposal

waste management siam Mercury lamp treatment and disposal

waste management siam Confined space entry, tanks & pit cleaning

waste management siam Equipment cleaning, and crushing

waste management siam Heat exchanger and tube bundle cleaning

waste management siam Decontamination of tanks onshore and offshore