Corporate Social Responsibility

Community Development Program

As part of our social responsibility program, WMS is fully committed to being a good corporate citizen and fulfills this through its community outreach program. WMS believes that the local community is one of its strategic stakeholders. WMS’s devotion to building a better environment is matched only by its commitment to the communities in which it operates. The company cares for and maintains an excellent relationship with the surrounding communities and assists community leaders and organizations in improving the standard of living for residents through various activities including: 

  • Implementing a "Community Contract” to ensure and commit to mutual trust and commitment between WMS and the local community.
  • WMS provides a fund to pay for the future closure and post-closure monitoring of landfill to ensure the environment is returned to the people of Thailand.
  • WMS’s operation eliminates any need for open dumps in the eastern seaboard region or eastern Bangkok Province.
  • Establishment of a “Community Fund” which is paid by WMS. Donation are made quarterly from WMS to the community based on revenues.
  • Creating employment opportunities for local residents and local students are given summer internship positions for experience and training.
  • Local school support by providing additional teachers, donating educational materials, computers and class room furniture.
  • All non-hazardous waste can now be managed inside the industrial estate under strict rules and regulations rather than in the countryside where regulations enforcement is difficult, and the environment suffers serious consequences.
  • Supporting local and national religious and cultural events.

Picture Album

CSR 2017

นักศึกษาจาก Trisakti University of Jakata Indonesia เข้าเยี่ยมชมโครงการฯที่บางปู




Nation Children Day 2017

กิจกรรมวันเด็กที่โรงเรียนตำหรุมิตรภาพที่ 65 บางปู และชุมชนรอบๆ




Nation Children Day 2016

nation children day-06.jpgnation children day-02.jpgnation children day-01.jpgnation children day-08.jpgnation children day-09.jpgnation children day-03.jpgnation children day-07.jpgnation children day-04.jpgnation children day-05.jpg

CSR 2016


 Donations to help Southern Thailand Floods

donations to help flood-02.jpgdonations to help flood-03.jpgdonations to help flood-01.jpg


CSR 2013

CSR 2012

01.Continuous Support National.JPG02.Continuous Support National.JPG03.Support Local health.JPG06.Annual stationary donation.JPG07.Garbage bin donation to.jpg04.Continuous Annual scholarship.JPG08.Arrange onsite Environmental.jpg05.Set up computer room for local school.JPG